About Us


Hello. We are T Mart LLC. Based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, we officially represent and distribute a diverse group of world-renowned brands through our stores and online retailers.

Mongolia: The population of Mongolia is a little over 3.5 million as of 2023. While Mongolia is one of the largest landmasses in Central Asia with the lowest population density, nearly half of the population currently resides in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

Nearly tripling in size, this burgeoning economic and cultural center of Mongolia has seen a dramatic rise in population over the past 20 years, with more than 60% of the total population under the age of 35.

These factors have made Ulaanbaatar, the hotspot for fashion, apparels and the latest trends. Since transitioning to democracy in the early 90’s, Mongolians have been globe-trotting and brand-hunting.

It is our mission to bring home to Mongolia, the global shopping experience that many have come to expect from all metropolitan cities on the rise.



We are the official distributor and retailer of the globally recognized brands that include Under Armour, One Championship, Venum. Our mission is to bring qualified foreign brands into the Mongolian market by opening its mono stores and serve our customers with a world-class shopping experience. To penetrate to a greater customer base we also sell these products through the multi brands stores and online shops.


At T Mart LLC, we import, market, distribute and retail a high profile apparel, specialised sportswear brands goods in Mongolia. T Mart was founded in 2017 by group of a retail sector experienced persons of the well-known distributor and the retail businesses in Mongolia and in the early 2019 it entered the business partnership with BTF Group of companies, a one of top 5 businesses of Mongolia in the distributorship and retail business of the world known apparel brands. T Mart's goal is to expand coverage of the retail market and grow our supplier base to represent the best quality brands from around the world. By the mid of 2019 T Mart LLC has diversified its business by becoming an exclusive distributor of the Under Armour sport brand in Mongolia and by the July of 2020 T Mart LLC has opened its first the brick-and-mortar store business in Ulaanbaatar city and on its the first year anniversary successfully opened the second the brick-and-mortar store. From the middle of 2022 we started our distribution and retail partnership with One Championship and Venum brands and the same year opened Mongolia's first specialised combat sports store by catering our professional and amateur athletes with these branded products. We hope to start working with a more international sport and leisure apparel brands by distributing its products into Mongolian market. We look forward working successfully with our current and the future partners.