Warehouse & Logistics


Flexible supply chain for brand growth.

Our 1,000 square meter distribution center allowing us to carry a comprehensive stock holding across all of our market leading brands at all times which provides excellent opportunities for instant promotional activities and confidence in listing our brands. It also allows us to provide a national delivery network with quick turnaround on orders.

With our computerized picking facilities individual items are easy to locate and move quickly and safely to where they are required, ensuring all orders are delivered within the requested timeframe which is the technology of RF Scanner Barcode in directing Pallet ID and location.

The other KPIs that monitor our operation are Picking Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy, Receiving Accuracy, and On-time Delivery.


Awareness, Availability, Accessible.

In Mongolia

Our distribution covers every single province in Mongolia both modern trade and general trade.


We penetrate over 1000 independent stores nationwide.


Our sales representative is well experience with FMCG products focus on food and beverage.


Our cash van sales act as commando sales to penetrate to the key area which needed special focus.

Availability ensurance

T Mart distribution team ensure that the product is usually available on the shelf.

Quick in action

Our team act quickly to changes in the market and business and brand priorities.